Sunshine Hotel & Trout Fall Resort


From friendly, knowledgeable staff, to mouthwatering food…  At Features our goal is to ensure that our customers leave happy, and satisfied.Our menu features local, organic, and seasonal foods of the highest quality. 

About Us

We heartily welcome you to be a part of our family at Sunshine Hotel & Trout Fall Resort, kakani. Sunshine Hotel & Trout Fall Resort is perfect abode, centrally located in the ‘Queen of Hills’ Nuwakot, Nepal ,befittingly complimenting the splendor of the environs that surrounds it. We are Quite unabashed in our desire to ensure that your stay will seem like a dream come true.

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Okharpauwa, Nuwakot Nepal.

Services & Facilities

Trout Special

1. Grilled Fish Rs 1250 per kg  
2. Fried Fish Rs 1100 per kg  
3.Gravy Fish Rs 1250 per kg  
4. Steam Fish Rs 1100 per kg  
5. Gaaule Jhol Fish Rs 1200 per kg  
6. Trout Fish Munchuren Rs 1200 per kg  

Best Destination

Sunshine Hotel & Trout Fall Resort is the best destination for those people who like to enjoy variety of trout dishes and have fun in the enchanting greenery and natural beauty of Kakani. Moreover, you can also bring trout fishes and its dishes to home as souvenir for your family, friends and relatives. You can also go for recreational fishing here in Sunshine Hotel & Trout Fall Resort which will provide you great refreshment and enjoyment and help you get relief from various kinds of mental anxieties.

Lunch & Dinner Set

1. Thali Set(Roti, Dal, Veg. curry, Saag, Achar, Salad) Rs 200
2. Dhindo Set (Dhindo, Dal, Veg. Curry, Saag, Achar, Salad) Rs 200
3.Newari khaja set Rs200
4.Fried Rice(Veg./Egg) Rs 150/180
Plain Rice Rs 100